The Bell Biblical Garden

A beautiful garden containing living examples of many of the trees and plants mentioned in the Bible.

Biblical plants include...

Olive, Wormwood, Plane Tree, Carob, Grape Vines, Almond Tree, Bay Tree, Fig, Mulberry, Pistachio, Apple Tree, Cedar of Lebanon, Cypress, Pomegranate, Date Palm, Hyssop, Rue, Aspen, Oleander and many more.

Beautiful Artworks & Murals

The garden features many unique mosaics and other works of art.  In the Church are a series of eleven murals on the side walls portraying images from the Bible.

The Bell Biblical Garden

All visitors welcome…

Free Entry…

Guided tours available.

The Bell Biblical Garden
21 Cassidy St
Bell Queensland 4408


Biblical Garden

A beautiful garden containing living examples of as many of the trees and plants mentioned in the Bible as was practical and possible.

Garden Artworks

Interspersed throughout the garden are many unique mosaics and devotional works of art – incorporating a ‘Way of The Cross’.

Church Artworks

In the Church are a series of eleven paintings on the side walls portraying a pictorial history of salvation as told in the Bible.